Welcome to the Company Section.

The Company and Senior Boys meet on a Tuesday night, from 7:15pm to 9:30pm.
The Company section do more advanced activities starting with Target classes where they learn more about the Boys' Brigade. This section will be involved in the five main courses which are Adventure, Leadership, Community, Interests and Physical. These are the main badges which lead on to the President's Badge and finally the Queen's Badge.

The Company boys enjoy football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, darts, table tennis, snooker as well as a number of other sports, regularly each week. They also join in a number of Battalion sporting events. Our Company section is always involved in all the tournaments and we also have a won a number!

During our meetings the sections also do other activites such as computing, cooking and model-making. They have also the opportunity to plan and execute routes for expeditions and walks.

Each year we run a Joint BB/GB camp where our company and senior sections have the chance to camp for a week, using the skills they've been taught and taking part in joint activites and sports.
For more information see our Camp Section.

We have just over twenty boys all aged from ten to eighteen years of age.

Overall Squad Rank
1) Squad 3
2) Squad 1
3) Squad 2

Last 4 weeks Squad rank
1) Squad 3
2) Squad 2
3) Squad 1

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